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We're Approaching a Market Bubble: Portfolio Manager

The emerging markets have seen some tremendous gains in their stock markets over the past year, easily beating the U.S. and Europe. So is it a bubble—and if so, does the Dubai crisis prick it? John Lekas, chief executive and portfolio manager of Leader Capital, provided his insight.

Trader Reaction to Dubai

“Ultimately, what’s going to happen is the dollar is going to approach its all-time low,” Lekas told CNBC.

“It will break and that break will cause a blow-off in the market—and then we’ll begin seeing and realizing the real problem of a falling dollar.”

Lekas said the falling dollar will help Dubai as oil prices move up, but it will only be temporary.

“I do think we’re approaching a bubble here,” he said.

Lekas Likes:

- 30 Yr Treasury Bond

- Google

- Intel

- Apple

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