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December To Remember?

By many measures December is the strongest month for stocks.

Over the past 100 years, on average the Dow has gained 1.32% in the final month of the year. But this year has been anything but average.

So, how should you position yourself this December? For insights we turned to Richard Bernstein of Richard Bernstein capital management.

Avoid Gold

I’m not a fan of gold, Bernstein tells the desk. I think gold has left the fundamental arena and has gone into the more speculative arena. That doesn’t mean it can’t go up for a while longer but it’s a momentum story and most people will get out too late.

Long Consumer Cyclicals

Instead I’m bullish on consumer cyclicals, Bernstein adds. As long as employment holds steady, I think the holiday season will be better than most people think.

Bull Market or BS?

Small Cap On Radar

I haven’t heard anybody talk about the January effect. It’s not just a tax related event. I think the first quarter next year will be a good time for small cap stocks. I’d keep an eye on those securities.

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