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I'm 'Extremely Bullish' on the Credit Markets: 5-Star Manager

Markets started off the new month with a rally. Where should investors be looking? Gibson Smith, co-chief investment officer and portfolio manager at Janus Capital Management, shared his 5-star investing strategies on fixed income.

Looking to Take On Less Risk?

“We’re extremely bullish on the credit markets, both investment grade and high yield. I think those markets offer the best opportunities for investors today,” Smith told CNBC.

“I also like corporate bonds…We’ve seen a significant rally year to date, both in the investment-grade and high-yield market. We think there’s significant upside left in these markets.”

Gibson said corporate America has been focusing on deleveraging, leading to an outperformance in the credit markets, since emerging from the financial crisis in 2008.

“You can’t necessarily look at it on just a sector basis, you have to look on an individual security basis. There are opportunities across all the sectors in the credit markets today,” he said.

Smith also said he likes JCPenney .

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