Funny Business with Jane Wells

High Tech Gone Bad, Low Tech Gone Good

Sometimes we use technology in journalism...just because. There's nothing more hilariously dangerous than a new graphics system in a newsroom. With each new set of "cool" techie story telling tools comes the compulsion to use them. Sometimes it's a bad idea.

Tiger Woods

Case in point:

A Chinese TV news station has used CG animation to "re-create" both the official police version of what happened at Tiger Woods' home last week, and the unofficial tabloid version.

This is Comedy Central gold.

My favorite part, Woods was driving a Cadillac, but in the video, he's driving a minivan.

As if Tiger hasn't been humiliated enough.

Speaking of Tiger Woods--and who isn't?--the last week has been a disaster for him. However, it has been a bonanza for TMZ. has established a beachhead in a lucrative new world--golf. When my golf-addicted husband walked in two days ago and uttered the words, "Hey, I saw on TMZ..." I just about spit out my coffee.

As the above video shows, high tech can go very low brow, but, sometimes, low tech can go very high brow. The UK Sun newspaper is cleverly promoting itself as "the best handheld for 40 years". Who needs to spend $260 on a Kindle , or mess around with an iPod touch , when you can access news on a much cheaper "device" which never loses its connection?