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Best Countries for Expats

If you chose to move from your current country of residence, where would be the best place for you to go? That's the question this year's HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2009 is trying to uncover.

The report focuses on the experiences of expats and their ease of integration into local society, compared to the country in which they used to live. The rankings are based on a set of 23 criteria measuring quality of life and ease of integration that were answered by over 3,100 expats living in 26 different countries.

Overall, the study found that expats enjoy a better life in their new country, as a majority of respondents indicated an increase in their quality of life. The study also found that the most influential factors in an expat's quality of life are their commute to work, accommodation and transportation.

So, what are the best countries for expats? click ahead to find out!

By Paul Toscano
Posted 3 Dec 2009

Photo: Bruno De Hogues | Getty Images