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Freaky Friday Funny Business

Want to have something unusual to talk about at the holiday party? Here are some suggestions.


Tiger Woods

Everyone's talking about Tiger Woods, but here's an angle you'll only find covered here: the impersonator business.

Say you're a big golf nut who has booked a corporate event or big holiday/birthday bash for December, and back when you were making plans, you thought it would be fun to hire a Tiger Woods impersonator.


What do you do now?

"We believe that the Tiger Woods situation will blow over and it'll be business as usual once he tees up again," says Steve Tetrault, co-founder of, which hires out celebrity impersonators.

GigSalad's "Tiger Woo", aka Al Smith, who actually lives near Woods in Florida, charges $500 for two hours, and $150 for every hour after that. Tetrault knows other Tiger impersonators as well, and he tells CNBC only one has had a cancellation due to recent events. He says a tabloid headlines sometimes lead to more business, not less. "Michael Jackson impersonators saw an increase in bookings immediately upon Michael's death," Tetrault says. "But it wasn't the scandal that did it. It was the legend of Michael Jackson, and the newfound interest and obsession with him as an icon." During Jackson's molestation trial, Tetrault says there was no pop or drop in business. "Scandals among celebrities don't have a measurable effect on impersonation bookings from what we can see."



My new favorite Web site is called, (FlashNews turned me onto this one).

The site allows people to post photos where strange strangers have wandered into the background, sometimes intentionally.

My favorite is the one shown here, but there's another one which appears to be a self portrait of Taylor Swift with a random creepy James Bond in the background.


Finally, for the few remaining Nets fans looking for a winning team, consider the New York Towers. This all-dwarf basketball team plays on a regular court with a standard hoop height. But there are a few rules "to level the playing field" when competing against "average height basketball teams":

1) Rebound Rule: your team must let the ball bounce once after a shot is taken before taking possession. We can, however take the ball prior to the bounce.

2) Bounce Pass Rule: your team must make a bounce pass when passing the ball to other players so we can have a chance of stealing the pass.

The team is the brainchild of Clinton Brown III, who says his goal "is to give local New York LP's (little people) the chance to compete..." If they play the Nets, I'd fly out there and buy a ticket. And I'd bet on the Towers.

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