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How Many People Will Watch SEC Championship Game?

2009 SEC Championship

I've had many people ask me how many people will be watching the SEC championship game on Saturday, given the fact that it's No. 1 Florida vs. No. 2 Alabama for the right to play in the BCS national title game.

At the very least, it looks like CBS will at least get into the top 3 most-watched games since 1992, as last year's SEC championship game ranked at the No. 3 slot.

Here's a list, provided by the great folks at Nielsen, of the most-watched non-bowl college football games since 1992. Notice how the Florida-Alabama matchup already has three spots on this list.

1. Notre Dame-Florida State, 11/13/1993, 22 million viewers (NBC)

2. Michigan-Ohio State, 11/18/2006, 21 million viewers (ABC)

3. Alabama-Florida, 12/6/2008, 15 million viewers (CBS)

4. Florida-Florida State, 11/30/1996, 14.8 million viewers (ABC)

5. Notre Dame-USC, 11/25/2006, 14.6 million viewers (ABC)

6. Florida State-Florida/Ohio State-Michigan, 14.3 million (ABC)

7. Florida-Alabama, 12/3/1994, 14.2 million (ABC)

8. Various teams and times, 11/12/1994, 13.3 million (ABC)

9. Ohio State-Texas, 9/9/2006, 13.3 million (ABC)

10. Florida-Alabama, 12/5/1992, 13.1 million (ABC)

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