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Mad Mail: Sell Bank of America?

Jim: You recently had the CEO of Family Dollar on your program. I was impressed with the presentation so I bought FDO. However, the stock is not performing well even though their Q3 report was not bad. Do you feel this stock is worth holding or should I take my loss and move on? –Jerry in Missouri

Mad Mail

Cramer says: “This is a tough call. Remember, I didn’t like the stock, and then it got down to $28 and I said I think the downside’s over. Here it is right back there again. So all I can say is I think the downside’s over. That’s not a great reason to go buy something, but it’s certainly not a reason to sell it.”


Hi Jim: Thank you for all you do for the little guy. You have allowed me to realize some cool gains this winter and buy a "new sweater." I closed my Bank of America position two days ago after schnitzeling all the way up and added JPMorgan Chase and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners. Do you think this was a wise decision? By the way, we had some great striper fishing down here this season. –Peter

Cramer says: “I didn’t the exactly the same thing you did for my charitable trust. I schnitzled a little, meaning I took a little Bank of America profit off. I plowed it right back into JPMorgan. I did not do Kinder Morgan Partners. You are really making the right move, Peter. But I still own some Bank of America.”


Hey Jim and Staff: A few months back, you came up with defense index including L-1 Identity Solutions and Cogent. Do you think Novell could be a similar play? NOVL’s gross margin is about 78% and they have reaffirmed earnings guidance going forward. Also, they’ve recently partnered with SAP and are landing corporate contracts for identity and security solutions. –Mike in New Jersey

Cramer says: “I would not buy Novell for that reason. You want a pure play on the identity solutions, you have to use the Cogent and the L-1. Novell’s too diluted. You have the wrong call there. I don’t want you to go with yours. I want you to go with mine.”

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