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Disney's Plan To Create Jobs

Invest in America: Disney

The Walt Disney Co.’s Bob Iger has a strategy for saving jobs in America: lower the corporate tax rate.

That was part of Iger’s message last week at President Obama’s jobs summit, and the CEO reemphasized his point during Tuesday’s Mad Money, which was the second installment of the show's Invest in America Week.

The US has “among the highest, if not the highest,” corporate tax rate in the world, Iger told Cramer. And that makes countries with lower rates more attractive to businesses – even one as iconically American as Disney . Iger admitted that, though the company’s goal is to do “most of our business here,” there are “opportunities” to move jobs offshore to capitalize on the tax differential.

“So if America is interested in keeping jobs here or in creating jobs,” Iger said, “we suggest that it’s certainly something that needs to be looked at.”

Disney seems to be doing its part to create jobs. Watch the video for Cramer’s full interview with CEO Iger and a list of the company's employment-producing projects across the US, and across the globe.

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