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Health Reform Welcomed, but Details Key: Experts

Senate Democrats came to an agreement Tuesday to replace the controversial government-run insurance option with a scaled-back non-profit plan. CNBC spoke with the experts for their thoughts on the bill's progress.

Tenet Healthcare CEO on Health Care Reform

Eager for Reform, but Details Matter

"If you annualize what our cost was in the third quarter it runs about $520 million a year. And on that $520 million of cost, we're collecting about $56 million. So it's a huge burden on hospitals across the country to care for the uninsured ... We are advocates of reform, but of course the details are incredibly important."

Trevor Fetter, president and CEO of Tenet Healthcare

Jeb Bush on Health Care Reform

Putting an Emphasis on the Wrong Changes

"This was a golden opportunity to transform our health care system, and I think no one would suggest there's any transformation going on here. This has now kind of migrated to how do you provide insurance for more people, which is a good thing but ... I would have loved to have seen more focus on quality, more focus on prevention."

Jeb Bush, former Florida governor

Aetna CEO on Health Care Reform

Moving in the Right Direction

"I think it's very positive that they are beginning to move away from the government-run health plan, and while we don't know all of the details on how the plan would work, I think it's very encouraging that they are looking at other alternatives that really build on the successes we build on the private sector."

Ronald Williams, CEO of Aetna