Accenture Pulls Tiger Woods From Front Page of Web Site

Before Tiger Woods’ accident on Nov. 27, the golfer had a permanent home of sorts on the front of Accenture’s Web site.

Tiger Woods
Getty Images

This week, as a media frenzy over what has since unfolded continued, Woods was still on the front in a three-page rotation.

But Friday afternoon, as Bloomberg first reported, Woods’ image disappeared.

So too did a section about the consulting firm’s advertising, which came up as a broken link.

The page used to say: “Since 2003, Tiger Woods has been the centerpiece of Accenture advertising. As perhaps the world’s ultimate symbol of high performance, he serves as a metaphor for our commitment to helping companies become high-performance businesses."

Earlier this week, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power made Accenture the most likely company to drop Woods with 9/4 odds.

An Accenture spokesperson did not immediately return an e-mail seeking comment. The company has not commented since Woods' accident.

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