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Mad Mail: What’s Wrong With Fluor?

Jim: Love your show. I have been watching Fluor for a long time and its fundamentals are solid. Why is this stock so low? Even in a further downturn, its project backlog is solid, its books are solid, and its long-term picture is great. Any thoughts on this? –Gary

Mad Mail

Cramer says: “First of all, you are dead right, Gary. Fluor’s being brought down. There’s a belief that infrastructure is way too related to oil, and that’s wrong … we’ve also seen some disappointments in the group. I think Fluor’s a buy right here, right now.”


Jim: We've seen good numbers from retail, industrials, and transportation sectors, albeit at lower levels, in spite of high unemployment. That seems to indicate that people with jobs are in good shape, and the people without jobs are left out. Is our problem more about creating new jobs than just simply getting people back to work? Aren't industries that are under duress such as paper & pulp not likely to return, not because of a bad economy, but because there's a real destruction of that sector? –Doug

Cramer says: “Those sectors have been slimming down for years. We don’t look to them for job creation, we look to small business. Big companies never create jobs. They’ve been cutting them from this country for as long as I can remember. But we need help for small business, and we can do infrastructure in order to be able to generate bigger business.”


Cramer: I would like to thank you for all that you have done for the small investor. I used to buy high and sell low, but no longer. Now I am now making money. A few weeks ago you indicated that a Brazilian paper company called Aracruz Celulose, old ticker symbol ARA, was a buy. The company was then purchased by Fibria Celulose, and it has done very well. What do you think of FBR? –Paulo

Cramer says: “Low-cost producer. Terrific company. I would buy, buy, buy that company.”

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