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Market Tips: Rotate into Big Caps, Commodities

Global stocks were higher on Friday, as well as commodities like oil and gold, after a raft of upbeat economic reports from China and the U.S. Experts told CNBC investors should rotate their strategy to buy under-valued big cap stocks and commodities.

Buy Tangible Commodities

Dow-type assets have underperformed, and it is time to rotate to these, says Michael Yoshikami of YCMNet Advisors. He also suggests buying commodities to ride growth and protect one's portfolio against inflation.

China's Appetite for Commodities

China can continue to support commodities demand in 2010, believes Kevin Kerr, president & chief trading officer of Kerr Trading International.

Oil Prices to Face Pressure

Natural gas surged 8 percent overnight due to a U.S. cold snap. Jonathan Barratt, managing director at Commodity Broking Services says natural gas price has room to rise while oil will remain pressured.

Gold Will Remain the Flight-to-Quality Vehicle

As Kevin Kerr, president & chief trading officer of Kerr Trading International, does not see the dollar rising in any significant fashion in the near term, gold will still remain the flight-to-quality vehicle.

Dollar Weakness Seen Next Year

Daniel Hui, FX strategist at HSBC sees dollar weakness in 2010 as the Fed is likely to be the last to normalize its rates.

Rally Impacted By Earnings Growth

The significant part of the rally has been impacted by prospects for future earnings growth, says Michael Yoshikami, president and chief investment strategist at YCMNet Advisors.

Asia to Lead Growth in 2010

David Carbon, managing director of economics and currencies at DBS Bank Group Research says Asia is a good place to invest, as the region will grow 6 percent on average in 2010 while the U.S. will lag.

Overheated Valuations in China?

Valuations for China's best-performing stocks are hitting record levels, notes Robert Howe, CEO of Geomatrix. In light of this, he tells CNBC how his investment strategy there has changed.

Investing in Chinese Financials

Be selective when it comes to investing in Chinese financials, says Daphne Roth, head of Asia equity research at ABN Amro Private Banking. She tells CNBC why ICBC and China Construction Bank are worth investing in.

Demand for Art and Alternative Investments

Investor demand for quality art is back again, observes Michael Yoshikami, president and chief investment strategist at YCMNet Advisors about renewed interest in alternative forms of investments.

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