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Retailers Will Underperform Market in 2010: Strategist

Sales at U.S. retailers rose more than expected in November according to a data on Friday, raising hopes of a self-sustaining economic recovery. What does the strong retail numbers mean for the stock market?

Jon Fisher, portfolio manager at Fifth Third Asset Management and Scott Redler, chief strategic officer weighed in.

Market Bull vs. Bear

“It shows that the retail investors are not dead, but they’re doing it more efficiently,” Redler told CNBC. “You see that the market is up today and so it’s acting favorably considering how much we were up yesterday … So maybe that’s showing some positive signs that we can move ahead into year-end.”

In the meantime, Fisher said the retailers have been one of the leading sub-sectors in the market since the March rally.

“For these stocks to work in 2010, you need to find companies that are going to put up positive comps and can drive positive traffic growth,” he said. “You’re going to see a big bifurcation in the retail sector between the retailers that can do that and the majority that are not going to be able to do that. So I expect retailers to underperform the market next year.”

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