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Hot Degrees for Hot Jobs

The Millennial Generation – roughly defined as those currently in their 20s – has been hit particularly hard by today’s struggling economy. The national unemployment rate is in double-digit territory, right at 10.0 percent, but the rate for those in their 20s is even higher – currently standing at 14.8 percent for 20-24 year olds and 10.5 percent for those aged between 25-29.

Given the current economic environment, twenty-somethings are experiencing increased anxiety about choosing the right major that will lead to the right career, according to Jordan Goldman, CEO of Unigo.com, an online resource for college information.

CNBC.com asked Goldman for his predictions of the hottest sectors and careers for the next generation and which majors can best prepare students to fill these jobs.

Click ahead to see Goldman’s list of hottest sectors, majors and careers.

By Brooke SopelsaPosted 16 Dec 2009

Source: Unigo.com