There Must Be A Pony In Here Somewhere

Buy Your Own Journalist Here

It’s come to this: The Miami Herald has started asking for donations.


No, not to feed the homeless. Or provide needy children Christmas presents.

To keep the journalists employed.

As newspapers grapple with plunging ad revenue and how to charge readers for online content, the Miami Herald, owned by McClatchy , has decided to experiment with asking online readers for donations.

At the bottom of every story, there’s a link that says, “Support ongoing news coverage.”

It takes you to a page that says, “If you value The Miami Herald's local news reporting and investigations, but prefer the convenience of the Internet, please consider a voluntary paymentfor the web news that matters to you.”

They accept Visa, MasterCard and AmEx.

It may be the beginning of a disturbing trend, but at least now you know what to get that person who has everything for Christmas — a journalist!

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