Funny Business with Jane Wells

Maybe Tiger Should Have Rented a Robot?

Here in this season of holiness, I'm bombarded with more than the usual quotient of stories

The Pew Internet & American Life Project this week reports that 15 percent of 12-to-17-year-olds have received nude or nearly nude messages on their phones. Nice. The AP reports that The Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada as applied to be the first legal brothel to use male prostitutes ("We don't know how to structure the men's pricing yet," the owner says). Great. ?

Yes, I could turn away from these stories. Maybe next year. Oh, who am I kidding? ?


In that vein, here is the most audacious story to pop into my email box.

A Japanese company called Kokoro, owned by Sanrio—the same folks behind Hello Kitty—makes lifelike female robots .

Now, I don't really know how lifelike these robots are—if you get my meaning—but I'm assuming they're not just being manufactured for their great personalities.

The company's website promises "Rentals available!"

I couldn't find a price.

There are several videos on YouTube showing the evolution of the robots from the mute smiling original in 2006, to those who now actually speak and can answer a few questions.

While the whole thing is REALLY CREEPY, renting one of these girls might have saved Tiger Woods a whole lot of trouble. ?

Two of the robots will go on sale next month at a Japanese department store for $225,000. However, Engadget says in this particular case, you can't get your Barbie Dream Girl. "Apparently the robots will only be manufactured in the likeness of the purchaser." So... this is truly the perfect gift for the loved one who loves him/herself more than anyone else.

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