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Simple Home Improvement Gets Big Bang For Buck

If Congress provides incentives, would you rush out and buy new windows or doors? The White House is betting you will!

Insisting insulation is "sexy," President Barack Obama is calling for new federal incentives to make millions of homes more energy efficient as a way to create jobs, save money for homeowners and reduce pollution.

As you might imagine home improvement legend Bob Vila couldn’t agree more. He tells Fast Money, “this stimulus is the best news to come down the pike in a while.”

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Vila's Best Home Improvement

And he also tells us there’s one improvement project that most everyone can do that offers a huge cost savings.

”As a stand alone homeowner, the best thing you can do is add attic insulation,” he says. "That’s going to keep the heat from escaping through a leaky roof.”

Savings should add up in no time. Kind of a whole new spin on fast money!

But in case you'd rather play stocks, what’s the trade?

I’d look at Home Depot and Lowe’s , says Pete Najarian.

And maybe look at the technology companies that make heating and ventilating equipment, adds Vila.

Find out what else Bob Vila has to say about all the different ways you can make your home more energy efficient – and how you can make many of the improvements yourself. Watch the video now.

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