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Hustler's Holiday Card—Religious or Offensive?

Larry Flynt and Jesus.

That's a duo I bet you never expected to see in the same headline.

In the barrage of Christmas cards coming into the CNBC Los Angeles bureau, we found one from Hustler. A Christmas card, not a holiday card, not some generic New Year's card, but a Christmas card...with Jesus.

On the front of the card is a picture of Christ looking heavenward and asking, "Father, how did I become the darling of the right wing Republican, racist, homophobic, gun-toting nut jobs?! I am nothing like them!"

Open the card and God answers, "Forgive them, Son - for they know not what they do!" A wheelchair-bound Flynt replies, "Oh, yes they do!"

And, in a first for an office holiday office card, the crew at Hustler Video Marketing signed the card "XOXO".

Hustler's 2009 Holiday Card
Source: Hustler

What would Jesus do? Not sure, but here's what I did. I had the card scanned and decided to blog it, because now...I have seen it all.

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