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Sony's-Real-D Partnership Brings 3-D Home

Sony Corporation and RealD just announced a technology partnership to bring 3-D technology to your living room. The terms of the deal weren't announced, and despite some prodding, Sony wouldn't reveal any info on how soon we might get affordable 3-D televisions in our living rooms.

Still, this is an important technological step, partnering the leader in 3-D technology in theaters with the maker of popular Bravia Televisions. At CES companies like LG displayed fantasy televisions - products that haven't been produced for sale yet — like fantasy cars at auto shows.

One piece of good news about this deal: 3-D will be able to be distributed through existing HDTV channels. It's been a concern that the high bandwidth needed to broadcast 3-D images would require the creation of entirely new infrastructure — new cable channels. The fact that this collaboration enables use of existing HD channels will enable 3-D content to be distributed to consumers much faster.

The bad news: yes, you'll still have to wear geeky 3-D glasses.

Bravia televisions are sure to be front and center at the Consumer Electronics Show this coming January. We'll be waiting for any more info about when those flat-screens will include 3-D capability.

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