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Market Tips: Play Defense, Buy Iconic Brands

Global stocks were mixed on Friday, with Asian shares down as investors fretted about the outlook for corporate earnings, while European shares edged up with energy and pharmaceutical stocks leading the way.

Experts told CNBC investors should continue to focus on iconic brands and traditional defensive stocks going into next year as more volatility is expected.

Buy Big F&B Brands

Focus on companies with iconic brands, especially those in the food & beverage sector, recommends David Costa, Dean at the Robert Kennedy College. He shares his investment strategy.

Traditional Defensives Look Cheap Now

James Holt, vice president at BlackRock Investment Management says equities remain attractive in 2010, despite concerns over sovereign debt and the impact from the withdrawal of massive stimulus. He tells CNBC that traditional defensives like healthcare and telecom stocks look cheap now.

Strong Outlook for US Corporates

The outlook for US companies remains strong as productivity has risen in spite of the economy being in a recession, notes Pierre Gave, head of Asia Research at GaveKal Holdings.

Use Options for Long & Short Views

Investors should use options to express both long and short views, says Dean Curnutt, president of Macro Risk Advisors.

More Volatility Ahead in 2010

The business cycle will be more volatile in 2010, says Dean Curnutt, president of Macro Risk Advisors.

Bank Outlook Good for 2010

Banks will be in reasonably good shape going into 2010, says Peter Warnes, equity analyst at Morningstar. But he tells CNBC to expect some rough weather for the financials before that.

Dollar Pressure Will Return

Pressure on the U.S. dollar will return in early 2010, says Mitul Kotecha, head of global FX strategy at Calyon. He shares his outlook for the direction of the dollar.

Still Bullish Euro Longer-Term

Richard Yetsenga, regional FX strategist at HSBC, is still bullish on the euro over the longer term.

Dollar a Safe-Haven?

The dollar is now seen as a safe-haven, says Jonathan Barratt, managing director at Commodity Broking Services.

Greenback to Strengthen in 2010

The U.S. dollar looks like it will strengthen going into 2010, says Patrick Noble, senior investment specialist at Zurich.

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Dollar Direction

If the U.S. dollar continues its descent, there may be a reversal of fortunes for companies with overseas earnings, says Patrick Noble, senior investment specialist at Zurich.

Platinum Will Outperform Gold in 2010

Platinum will outperform gold in the commodities market next year, says Nicholas Kwan, regional head of economic research, Northeast Asia at Standard Chartered. He tells CNBC why he's bullish on the metals market.

Old Versus New World in Energy Markets

Oil is "old world", gas is "new world", says Hugh Latimer, portfolio manager at Aurora Funds Management.

Asia's IPO Pipeline

Following a sharp rise in IPOs from China, Mark Konyn, CEO of RCM Asia Pacific, believes investors will be more discerning in 2010 as more tightening measures take place.

Asia Will Lead the Recovery in 2010

There will be growing divergence in the global recovery between Asia and the West, says Nicholas Kwan, regional head of economic research, Northeast Asia at Standard Chartered. He tells CNBC that global GDP will rise 2.7% while Asia's will leap 7% in 2010.

China Seen Stronger Next Year

The Chinese market will be stronger next year compared to 2009, says Ian McGuinn, head of operations and research at JLM Pacific Epoch.

Earnings Growth in Emerging Markets

Expect to see strong earnings momentum in emerging markets, says Mark Konyn is CEO of RCM Asia Pacific.

Tech Strategies for 2010

Companies must to gear up their tech investments for the economic recovery and look to outsource IT needs, says Claus Mortensen, principal for emerging technologies research at IDC.