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Poll: Is the Worst Over for Stocks?

It’s that time of year when search engines turn out their “top 10 searches of 2009,” which typically include pop-culture references like Britney Spears and balloon boy.

bing search for "stock market"

But on the Microsoft Bing Top 10 Searches of 2009 list, “stock market” was the No. 4 search of 2009, beating out reality-TV trainwreck Jon and Kate Gosselinand the late pitchman Billy Mays.

Now that market worries have officially penetrated popular consciousness — does it mean the trend is over?

Peter Cohan, a management consultant and columnist for AOL’s Daily Finance, said he thinks it means people are finally brave enough to crack the closet door to see if the monster’s gone.

“I would interpret this as individuals being too afraid to look at how much they’ve lost in their 401(k)s … but they are curious as to whether stocks have reached the point where it’s safe to open their statements and read them without getting a heart attack,” he said.

“[Y] es, the worst is over as for the slide in the markets,” said Todd Schoenberger, managing director of LandColt Trading, adding that “stock market” making the list is also a reflection of how much exposure everyone has to the market. “It's clear that stocks are more deeply connected to our day-to-day lives than ever before,” he said.

But Alyx Kaczuwka, creator of the blog, cautioned against being too comforted by the fact that “stock market” made the list.

“I'd still be worried about the market's health,” Kaczuwka said — “Its peer set included swine flu, deceased celebrities and Jon+Kate!”


The Bing Top 10 Searches of 2009:

1. Michael Jackson

2. Twitter

3. Swine Flu

4. Stock Market

5. Farrah Fawcett

6. Patrick Swayze

7. Cash for Clunkers

8. Jon and Kate Gosselin

9. Billy Mays

10. Jaycee Dugard

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