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Cramer: Time to Buy Health Care?

Constance Parten|Senior Producer

Cramer said during Monday's Stop Trading! that health care stocks might be something to check out in light of advancements in the Senate's health care legislation.

A crucial, middle-of-the-night test vote behind them, Senate Democrats on Monday remained on track to pass historic health care legislation by Christmas, preparing for more votes at odd hours to overcome unanimous Republican opposition.

"This is the biggest giveaway ever for health care ... I've been saying Wellpoint since 43, everyone thought the HMOs would be the big losers, they're the big winners ... It's almost as if the HMOs elected the president and the Congress.

"You buy all the health care companies, Cramer said. "They were clearly the winner. Loser was obviously ... well, small business gets clocked. Big business gets clocked."

Treehouse Foods said Monday that it will buy hot cereal and powdered soft drink mix maker Sturm Foods for $660 million as it looks to strengthen its presence in private label dry groceries.

Stop Trading, Listen to Cramer!

"Treehouse made a terrific acquisition which is going to boost the company's earnings per share," Cramer said. "This is what they do. They buy forlorn brands and they add them into the mix."

Cramer also said Alliant Tech is a company to watch, "because when you have to train soldiers they use a lot of bullets."

Even though the company's stock is up 50 percent since March, Cramer said "the company's been buying back stock consistently, it's a very inexpensive stock ever since it was spun off."

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