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The Next XTO-Like Takeover Possibility

As loyal viewers of Mad Money should know by now, Cramer has been a huge advocate of natural gas, but this has been the case now more than ever in the wake of Exxon Mobil's $41 billion acquisition of XTO Energy, says Cramer, who thinks XTO is "one of the best natural gas companies out there."

Range of Motion?

Cramer fully expects more oil companies to follow in the footsteps of Exxon as they realize the potential in natural gas, so this begs the question: What is the next XTO? What is the company that is most like it? What company would be a valuable asset for one of the world's largest oil companies?

Cramer's answer: Range Resources.

If natural gas is adopted as a bridge fuel - simultaneously benefiting both the American consumer and the environment - Range Resources has large resources that would come into heavy demand and be an extremely attractive asset to a big oil company. But Cramer needs more details to make a more precise call on Range Resources, a company he thinks is a great investment regardless of a future takeover.

To get the full picture, Cramer is talking to the CEO of Range Resources, John Pinkerton. To see the full interview and Cramer's complete analysis, check out the video!

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