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Mad Mail: Why Won’t Huntington Banc Move?

Hi Jim: I just wanted to thank you for the advice you gave me at the NYC Barnes & Noble while signing my copy of your new book. I had been in the house of pain with Bucyrus International and was finally back to even and asked you if I should sell. You replied, “No! Are you crazy?” Or something like that. I did use your advice on trading around a core position and sold some last week and have made some Mad Money. Thanks Jim. If I had not attended your signing, I would have sold and walked away. –Karen from New Jersey

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Cramer says: “Little faith on Bucyrus and Joy Global out there. But, remember, these are two great American machinery companies, and I truly believe in them.”

Mad Mail


Jim: I am a teacher and would like to tell you that you are also a great teacher. You are very creative, interesting, and funny. Thanks for all you do. I have owned Huntington Bancshares for quite a while, but its price seems to be laboring. Do you think the stock has a reasonable chance of moving up from here? –Mike

Cramer says: “There was a lot of insider buying, they fixed the balance sheet, I thought it was a good one. I’m not backing away because many good things are happening. But has it been a disappointment? I’ll put it right up there with Ciena , as the two that I am surprised haven’t moved and been more like Sallie Mae, SLM , my speculative stock of the year.”

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