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TAG Heuer Puts Tiger on Front of Web Site

Swiss watch company TAG Heuer announced on Friday that it would phase maligned golfer Tiger Woods out of its U.S. advertising, leading many to believe that Woods might disappear from the brand forever.

But, in what might seem like an unusual move, TAG Heuer had Woods on the front of all eight of its web sites on Monday night. A huge image of Woods appears with a TAG Heuer watch, accompanied by the words "TAG Heuer stands with Tiger Woods." Clicking on the photo leads the site visitor to Friday's news release.

It's interesting that the company would go out of its way to make the point and feature Woods more prominently than it had before.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Friday's announcement led many to group the watch brand in with Accenture, who already negotiated to end its relationship with Woods.

Woods is still on the main Web sites of Gillette, EA Sports and Nike, though none is more prominent than the new TAG Heuer creative.

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