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CEO Of Airport Scanner Bares All

Growing outrage about the Detroit plane terrorist has some investors wondering if more money will quickly go into security.

Especially since new information suggests there were opportunities to thwart the alleged bomber – but those opportunities were missed.

Human and Systemic Failures

Earlier in the week President Obama blamed "human and systemic failures" for allowing a 23-year-old Islamic militant from Nigeria to smuggle explosives in his underpants, through checkpoints and onto a plane to the United States.

"There were bits of information available within the intelligence community that could have and should have been pieced together," Obama said.

Perhaps the biggest piece of information came from the militant’s father who warned U.S. officials weeks ago that his son had adopted extremist views.

Despite the tip, no preemptive action was taken.

With the public outcry growing about the mistake, Obama has ordered reviews of the "terrorist watch list" procedures as well as reviews of U.S. air travel screening procedures.

Solutions: Baring It All?

One company that may be part of the solution is American Science and Engineering, a manufacturer of screening equipment.

Stifel Nicolaus' analyst Stephen Levenson said AS&E could see more orders in the wake of the Detroit incident. It appears Wall Street feels the same shares are up 11% over the past five days.

In fact AS&E CEO Anthony Fabiano confirmed on Fast Money he's already been contacted by the government.

But before you make a bullish bet on this company, remember their technology has been called into question by some who feel it’s an invasion of our civil liberties. The image rendered by these machines shows a person without his or her clothes on.

Just how much of you would a security officer see at a scanning station? We asked the AS&E CEO – and he bared all. Really!

Watch the video now and see everything he showed us!

Staying On Security Trade

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