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Get Better Returns Overseas?

We're as patriotic as they come but considering the returns in Russia and other emerging markets, we can't help but wonder, is it better to invest overseas?

As you can see from the chart below Russia is up over 126% ytd on average while our own stock market is only a paltry 25% higher.

Best Global Bets In ‘09
Performance YTD

Russia:             +126%
Argentina:         +114%
Brazil:               +83%
India:                +80%
China:               +79%
U.S.                   +25%

Of course emerging markets pose risks that you don’t find here, and Russia can be particularly treacherous. (Who can forget the tension between Putin and BP)

However, it’s hard to ignore returns like those above.

Trading the Globe

Should you put money to work overseas?

Absolutely, counsels Brian Kelly of Kanundrum. The IMF says by 2015 over 50% of world GDP will come from developing nations. You've got to be involved.

But I think the best way to do it is with American based companies that have big exposure overseas, Kelly adds. I’d look at Coke or Ford . Both get 50% of their revenues overseas.

I would not be looking for opportunities overseas next year, counters Steve Cortes. America has advantages that the rest of the world can’t even come close to replicating; our scale, our innovation, our capital markets and our transparency. I think in 2010 America outperforms.

What do you think. We want to know!

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