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The Most Valuable Actors of 2009

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2009's Most Valuable Stars

Hollywood stars often get paid millions to appear in a feature film, so studios want a healthy return on their investment. But do these actors and actresses draw audiences themselves or do a combination of factors create box office gold?

Every year since 1932, Quigley Publishing has surveyed theater owners and film buyers to get their take on which Hollywood names draw the most people to the theaters. Although no single star can be considered completely responsible for a film's box office success, theater owners, with their finger on the pulse of the entertainment market, have long been considered a reliable barometer.

So, who are the top money-making stars of 2009? You might be surprised who tops the list!

By Paul Toscano
Posted 31 Dec 2009

Source: Quigley Publishing | Photo: Getty Images | Box Office Numbers From: