By the Numbers

Best & Worst for the Month, Year & Decade

U.S. stocks finished down for the week but up for the year with the S&P and the Dow closing a wildly volatile year up 23% and 19% respectively.  The NASDAQ Composite managed a gain of 44% for the year. 

What follows is a summary of this week's statistics on the markets.

Major Indices: Only the Russell 2000 is up for the decade.

Sector Impact:  Energy is up the most for the decade while Tech is still far from the highs of the dot com bubble.

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Commodity Impact: Sugar and cocoa have appreciated the most during the past decade, each up over 290% in the past 10 years.

Currencies Impact:  The dollar index posted its best monthly percent gain since January 2009, up 4.1% and the best quarter since Q1 2009.

Note: Data based on preliminary numbers.  May adjust slightly due to settling at close.

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