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Pros: Dow to Rally to 12,000; Peak Gold Possible

As investors return from the holiday break and look back on one of the best years for US stocks since 2003, many will likely question whether there is any momentum left in the markets.

One market expert told CNBC that the positive returns could hold for at least the first quarter of 2010, but after that stocks would likely be stuck in a tight trading range.

"We think that the Dow will continue to climb. I'm sure that the Dow will probably go close to 12,000 (points) within the first 3-4 months of this year… Then I'm expecting sideways movement and I think you'll probably be range trading for the rest of the year," Peter McGuire, managing director of CWA Global Markets, told CNBC. 

Expect a Weak Greenback This Year

The U.S. dollar will come under pressure this year, says Nicki Hutley, principal economist at Access Economics. She tells CNBC that there will be more volatility in markets in 2010.

Upward Trend for Precious Metals

Expect an upward trend for precious metals because of the global printing of money, says Peter McGuire, MD of CWA Global Markets.

Peak Gold a Possibility: Analyst

We are more likely to see a peak gold story than a peak oil one, says Martin Hennecke, associate director from Tyche.

Does Gold Still Offer Good Returns?

Martin Hennecke, associate director at Tyche, continues to favor gold but David Roche, global strategist at Independent Strategy, has reduced his gold holdings. They explain why to CNBC why.

Go for Gold

Mat Kaleel, portfolio manager at H3 Global Advisors tells CNBC why he's bullish on the outlook for gold.

How to Play Chinese Equities

Go short Chinese banks, stay out of infrastructure plays and look for solid consumer-related stocks, says David Roche, global strategist at Independent Strategy. He shares his investment tips on China with CNBC.

Long on Rice

David Roche, global strategist at Independent Strategy says the price of rice on commodity exchanges will rise due to imbalances.