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Where the Next Bubbles May Grow: Chief Strategist

Markets rose on Monday, so what should you do to get your portfolio ready for the rest of this year? Bill Stone, chief investment strategist at PNC Wealth Management shared his insight.

2010 Investment Outlook

“We don’t believe that there’s going to be an inflation problem,” Stone told CNBC.

“We are convinced that it’s not a problem, but we do like TIPS [Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities] because it takes away another risk which is inflation getting out of control.”

Stone also said he is watching for bubbles in the economy.

“It’s a matter of watching everything,” he said. “Short-term rates being so low, you need a good story to go with it."

"I like to watch commodities and emerging markets—[those] to me make the most sense of possible bubbles,” he said.

PNC’s Themes for 2010:

Inflation Scare

Bubble Watch

Higher Taxes

End of the U.S. Carry Trade & Remonetization

Lost Decade for Bond Investors

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