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Tips: Gold May Hit $1,375, Dollar Going Down

The price of gold saw strong gains during most of 2009, fueled in part by weakness in the dollar. That trend reversed slightly in the last few weeks of the year, sending the price of the precious metal lower.

But one market expert told CNBC that gold may push higher in 2010, while another said that the dollar's declines could also return.

Gold Prices May Hit $1,375 in 2010

Spot gold prices could hit $1,375 in 2010, predicts John Licata, chief investment strategist at Blue Phoenix.

"I think there're plenty of catalysts that have not been talked about related to gold," Licata said.

The fear of sovereign debt default could continue to drive investors into gold, according to Licata. And California's budget deficit could well join the likes of Greece and Ireland on the watch list for default, he added.

Licata also pointed out that the November Congressional elections could be another potential catalyst for an increase in the gold price if the Republican Party gains more seats.

How to Be Exposed to Gold 

Michael McCormick from Belvedere Share Managers told CNBC that people looking to invest in the precious metal should buy good quality gold stocks such as Newcrest Mining and Lihir Gold. If they want to take more risk, then emerging producers with exploration activities are a good bet, he said. 

Dollar Headed for Downward Pressure

Expect some downward pressure on the dollar in the medium to long run, says Joshua Williamson, senior economist at Citi.

Upbeat on Australia's Energy Sector

The energy sector in Australia looks attractive to Michael McCormick, portfolio manager from Belvedere Share Managers and Geoff Beeston, investment advisor at Lonsec. They explain why to CNBC.

2010 Will Be a Tough Year for Investors

2010 will be a more difficult year for investors than 2009 was, warns Lim Say Boon, chief investment strategist for Standard Chartered Group Wealth Management. He explains why to CNBC.

Investors Need to Be Agile

Investors need to be agile when playing the markets in 2010, advises Thomas Kaegi, head of macroeconomic research, Asia Pacific at UBS Wealth Management.

Asia Will Continue to Lead Recovery

Peter Redward, head of research for emerging markets Asia at Barclays Capital, believes U.S. equities may play catch-up but Asia will still outperform over the course of the year. He also discusses the dollar's outlook.

Increase Holdings of Defensive Plays

Keep your money where you have invested them, but gradually increase holdings of defensive plays, suggests Chong Yoon-Chou, investment director at Aberdeen Asset Management Asia.

Q1 Will Be Positive for Equities

The first quarter will be positive for the equity market, believes Hans Goetti, CIO of LGT Bank.