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Market Tips: Buy Corn, Coffee, Rice and Coal

With many financial centers experiencing the icy winds of winter, investors thoughts seem to be turning to the most basic of basic resources – the kind of commodities that you can eat and the ones that will keep you warm. And market experts tell CNBC that those commodities are set to make a healthy return as well. 

Invest in Corn and Coffee

Invest in agriculture stocks, particularly corn and coffee, says Mark Hansen, director of Trading at CPM Group, New York.

"I'm looking at agriculture primarily because it is the commodity sector that hasn't been overrun with investors this year," Hansen said.

Upbeat on Coal

Coal and iron ore stocks are areas investors should look into, says Todd Kerslake, private client advisor at RBS Morgans.

Bullish on Rice Prices

Wayne Gordon, senior analyst, commodities & rural economics at Rabobank, is bullish on rice prices as he foresees a fall in global production in 2010.

Equity Rally Won't Last

Equities are unlikely to continue to rally much longer into 2010, warns Kirby Daley, senior strategist at Newedge Group. He explains his bearish view to CNBC.

Gold -- A Fantastic Insurance Policy

Gold represents a fantastic insurance policy, says James Holt, VP at BlackRock Investment Management. He makes his case for gold to CNBC.

Hot on China's Auto, Energy & Healthcare Sectors

Invest in China's auto, energy and health care sectors, suggests Chris Tang, CIO at Marco Polo Investments Group, Greater China. She explains why she favors these sectors.