Funny Business with Jane Wells

Great Danes!

"I don't remember where you're from. I don't even remember your name." But the beautiful blond in the video wants to find you, because you're the father of her baby boy. He was conceived during a one-night Denmark. 

Except she's not really a mother, that's not really her baby, and none of this is real. Instead, this was an attempt by tourism officials to get you to visit Denmark. If free drugs can be found in Amsterdam, maybe easy sex will draw people to Copenhagen. Because, you know, free, random sex is apparently hard to find. You have to go to Europe. ?

I'm a little late to the hubbub about this ad campaign, but the wait was worth it. The video went viral in September, paid for with Danish tax dollars. In it, "Karen" (an actress) explains, "We met at the Custom House bar." Karen says they discussed Denmark's famous "huga" (I'm probably spelling that wrong, I have no idea what that is). The happy couple retired to Karen's house to experience "huga" first hand. "Yeah, we ended up having sex." Karen says she knows the man is August's father because she hasn't been with anyone else since.

The Danish Tourism Board finally pulled the ad after complaints, but it defended the concept. "Karen's story shows that Denmark is a free place with space for you to be who you want," Dorte Kiilerich, CEO of VisitDenmark, told Politiken. "The film is good exposure for Danish self-sufficient and dignified women." Dignified? Hmmm. Maybe, like "huga", something is lost in the translation. My favorite defense was that the video embodied story-telling in the spirit of Denmark's greatest treasure: Hans Christian Andersen. "The Ugly Duckling" has apparently morphed into "The Ugly Encounter".

But you can't take a video off YouTube and expect the whole thing to go away. In fact, the best part of the ad campaign may be the spoofs it's inspired, like this one from "Martin", from Sweden, who is looking for the mother of his baby boy. Instead of "huga", the woman Martin met kept asking about Sweden's famous "falafel". As for the baby, "I know it's yours because I haven't shown my falafel to anyone since."?