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"The Blind Side" Should Be Bullock's Highest Payday

The Blind Side

As the "Blind Side" continues to impress at the box office, Sandra Bullock's bank account has a better chance of growing.

Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove, executives for Alcon Entertainment, which produced the film, confirmed to CNBC that the actress who plays Michael Oher's adopting mother in the film elected to be part of the film's profits.

"Sandra agreed to take an up front pay cut based on the international value of the film," Kosove said.

Johnson said that it was projected that the international value would be a 50 percent piece of the pie, but given how well it has done here it won't come close to that.

"Either way, it should be her largest payday ever," Johnson said.

The Alcon execs say they won't know exactly how much Bullock will earn until after March when DVD sales start pouring in.

On a budget of $29 million, the movie based on Michael Lewis' book has pulled in $210 million domestically, according to Factoring in inflation, that makes it the sixth highest grossing sports movie of all time.

The 45-year-old Bullock had an incredible 2009. She was also in "The Proposal," which pulled in $316 million worldwide.