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CES: Innovation Big and Small

CES is all about innovation.

3D TVs, touch screen PCs and interactive video games are the stars of the show here.

They're the heavy weights.

The must have gadgets that every nerd and techy worth their salt rushes out to buy.

The appeal of those items is obvious.

Fashion Mouse

But every now and then a product shows up at CES that you like — though you can't explain why. For us that product is a new computer mouse made by Jelfin.

Innovation in Mouse Technology

Jelfin magenta mouse

So, what's so exciting about a mouse?

How innovative can a mouse really be?

But this thing is really cool!

To start with, it's round and is about the size of a tangerine.

Also, it's covered in this layer of gel that makes it sit really comfortably in your hand. This mouse takes something so standard, so conventional and puts a modern twist on it.

If you really think about it, the "technology" a mouse hasn't changed over the years. This certainly isn't a breakthrough in "technology", it's merely a cool design.

From Ordinary To Extraordinary

CES '10 - Your Digital Life - A CNBC Special Report

But hey, that's what CES is all about.

Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. Taking something that you didn't even know existed and turning it into a must have item.

So next Christmas when your filling out your wish list — below the 3D TV, the touch screen computer and the X-box — make sure you include the Jelfin mouse. What other choice do you have? A traditional mouse?

That's so 2009!

Jelfin computer mice

Brad Quick contributed to this article.



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