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Good News in Cali! Well, Sort Of...

California State Controller John Chiang reported some long-overdue positive news about the state's finances this week. After months of missing budget projections, in December tax revenues came in $481 million above estimates. This positive change was due to a sharp increase in income taxes. Wow. How could income taxes be up so much in a state where the unemployment rate tops 12 percent?


Turns out the numbers may be a little juiced. Starting in November, the state began requiring taxpayers to fork over an extra ten percent of their normal withholding as an interest free loan. Any excess will be returned to taxpayers in April after they file their returns. And while an extra $481 million is great, Chiang says California is still $353 million below revenue estimates for the entire year. There's also that $20 billion deficit over the next 18 months.

Jane for Governor

So let's shake things up!

As a fake candidate running for a fake party—The Teavage Party—  you can already start voting!

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For a campaign slogan!

Here are my favorite suggestions from you, plus one of my own, for my gubernatorial campaign's motto.

I've received several hilarious ones which may be a little too out there to put on a t-shirt ("Jane, You Ignorant Slut", "Vote for Jane: She's Hotter than Dutch Love").

Here are the ones I think could work long-term. Vote, and I'll announce the winner next week. Prize? A T-shirt with the winning slogan and my campaign image. Think of the resale value on Ebay...

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