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US Can 'Certainly' See Double-Dip This Year: Strategist

The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), also known as the “Investor Fear Gauge," hit a 19 month low on Friday. What does it all mean for stocks and investments going forward? Hank Smith, chief investment officer of Haverford Investments, and Mike Rubino, president of Rubino Financial, discussed their market analyses. (See their recommendations, below.)

Wall Street Reacts to Jobs Report

“The real thing that’s driving the economy is the deleveraging of the debt in housing markets that continues,” Rubino told CNBC.

“Defaults continue to rise in an improving economy…We expect another round of defaults in the middle of this year in the late summer.”

As a result, Rubino said the U.S. could “certainly” see a double-dip in the economy.

“Our strategy is to be awfully cautious at this point,” he advised.

“The market could continue to eke its way higher but there are so many issues in regards to deleverging that it doesn’t matter how much money [the government] spends, the deleveraging dwarfs the amount of money that they could and would possibly spend.”

“We think that the government should let the process run its course and we’ll be better as a result of it,” Rubino added. “The government can’t fix anything.”

Smith Sees Bull Market

In the meantime, Smith said we are currently in a bull market, fed by a globally synchronized recovery.

“The Fed could raise rates—they could raise it by quarter point hikes or even throw in a half a point hike and you’re still going to have an extraordinarily accommodative policy from the Fed,” he said. “So the Fed has a long way to go even before you get to neutral.”

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