Ford 'Solidly Profitable' in 2011: CEO Mulally

Ford remains conservative on its outlook for 2010, but sees the company making money in 2011, Alan Mulally, Ford CEO, told CNBC Monday.

Ford's Mulally at Detroit Auto Show

"Clearly, what we have already communicated is that we are going to be solidly profitable in 2011," said Mulally. "Even though we are being conservative for 2010, we're going to give an updated guidance when we give our earnings call later this month."

Ford said it expected U.S. sales to hit a range of 11.5 million to 12.5 million in 2010, but Mulally said this is a 'prudent call.'

Last week, Ford came out on top among auto makers reporting sales up 33 percent in December.

The automobile maker was the recipient of both Car of The Year and Truck of the Year at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. The company won for it's fuel-efficient Ford Fusion and for its truck the Transit Connect.

Despite the recent uptick in sales and recognition, Mulally said his company maintains a 'quiet confidence' towards its recent success and future sales.

"This is a long-term profitable growth is our goal for everybody," said Mulally. "So you are going to see an absolute consistence of purpose on making the best cars and trucks from Ford."

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