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A Punctuation Mark for Sarcasm. Isn’t That Great.

Companies haven’t started hiring in earnest yet, which leaves us in that gray area of the recovery, where people are scrounging around trying to make money off of just about anything.

Captain Sarcmark

Enter Sarcasm Inc. (, a company that aims to make money off of — sarcasm.

Well, isn’t that just great.

For $1.99, you can download software to create a punctuation mark for sarcasm —a swirl with a dot in the middle of it. It can be used on email, word-processing and instant-messaging programs. It’s compatible with most Microsoft software and partially on Apple,  as well as on your BlackBerry and most cellphones. To insert it, you hit “control” (or on a Mac, “command”) and “period” at the same time.

The company said it created the punctuation to ensure “equal rights for sarcasm.” Statements, declarations, questions — they all have punctuation. Up until now, sarcasm had nothing, they explain.

“In today’s world with increasing commentary, debate and rhetoric, what better time could there be than NOW, to ensure that no sarcastic message, comment or opinion is left behind,” they write on their web site.

So now, all those geniuses who don’t “get” that you were being sarcastic in that last email, will have it all spelled out for them, without the awkward “haha,” winky emoticon — or worse, “just kidding” — tacked onto the end.

For those new to sarcasm, they offer a few examples to get you started, including “I love my job” and “It must be tough being perfect.”

Think you can handle that, Einstein?

In a commercial on YouTube, a superhero with a sarcasm mark on his chest offers a few more zingers. To a man with a toupee, he says: “Excuse me, sir, is that a rodent on your head?” And to a woman running, he says, “Let’s go. A couple more laps, tubby!” before branding them with his sarcasm mark.

The company is also selling T-shirts, mugs, mousepads and other gear. They also offer a newsletter, where you can stay up to date with their brilliant musings.

I imagine the inventors of the period, comma, exclamation and question marks are rolling over in their graves, thinking:

Nice business model, genius.

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