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NY Cabbie Finds $21,000 and Returns It: Report


If you left $21,000 in the back of a New York cab would you expect to see it again? One lucky tourist had the good fortune to be riding in the back of a very honest taxi, Newsday reported.

Mukul Asadujjaman, a Bangladeshi-born New York taxi driver, drove nearly 80kms (50 miles), going back and forth to Long Island, to track down the forgetful passenger, according to the report.

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After finding an address along with $21,000, jewelry worth thousands more and passports, Asadujjaman resolved to make the trip even though it was Christmas Eve. And when he discovered no-one was home, he left a note with his number and was soon called by an Italian grandmother, Newsday said. Asadujjaman then made the trip back over the river to reunite the bag with a relieved Felicia Lettieri. 

Lettieri was visiting America from Pompeii in Italy and had taken two cabs along with her six relatives to visit family over the holidays.

Asadujjaman would not accept any reward for his honesty, saying that as a devout Muslim he could not. The honest driver saved the family's vacation, the sister of the grandmother told reporters.

"We really love what he did," she said.

Asadujjaman, who is also studying to be a doctor, said the money would have helped him through his course, "but my heart said this is not good," the report said.

"My mother is my inspiration. She always said to be honest and work hard," he told Newsday. "They were so, so, so happy."