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Burned By Motorola, Google & More

They looked like hot stocks. So how are the traders playing Motorola, Google and more now that they’ve been burned.

Pete Najarian

On December 8th the Pit Boss was certain Motorola was moving in the right direction. “The new Droid has everyone excited,” he said.

Although the company’s products may be improving its stock clearly is not. Since Najarian said to get long shares are lower. What does he have to say about the Motorola trade now?

I'd keep an eye on this stock, Najarian says.

Karen Finerman

On December 23rd the Chairwoman suggested a $610 stock was cheap. “If earnings at Google continue to grow like I think they'll grow, its still very reasonably valued,” she said,

As it turns out investors don’t want to pay $610 for this stock – at least not since Finerman suggested a long position. Shares are down over the past few weeks. What does she have to say about the Google trade, now?

It's even more of a value now, she says.

Guy Adami

On December 7th the Negotiator recommended calling on a telephone stock. “I love Verizon,” he said. “I think that's the name you can own.”

As it turns out, this trade was nothing to phone home about. Since he suggested a long position, shares have trended lower. What does Adami have to say about Verizon trade now?

I missed this one, he admits. I think it goes higher, but it probably goes a tad lower first.

Tim Seymour:

On November 18th the Ambassador suggested that a long position in Perfect World made the perfect trade. “I think the future is really in online gaming and Perfect World is an exciting place to play.”

Not so exciting if you’re a fan of profits. Since he recommended the stock as a buy, shares are down 6%. What does Seymour have to say about Perfect World trade, now?

Not every trade goes up.

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