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Dope, Danes, And Jane - Your Emails

Catching up on the email. Quite a few people gave me feedback directly in the "comments section" of the blog about marketing marijuana versus wine if pot becomes legal . Others of your sent emails.

Here are some snippets: ?

From Ron: "It's been on earth since 3000 BC, and to date, NOT ONE PERSON has DIED from the SOLE USE OF MARIJUANA. That can't be said about the so called LEGAL DRUGS (man made) that come with WARNINGS TO YOUR HEALTH!!"

From BW: "'Maui Wowie?' You are dating yourself--I haven't heard that in years!" (From Jane: my ignorance is showing. To tell you the truth, I've never even smoked a cigarette, let alone a joint--not my thing.)

TPC points out that marijuana used to be legal a hundred years ago:

"The only drawbacks to legalizing marijuana are:

1) How do you control the flow of illegal imports or grows into the country for cash profits. After prohibition ended, this issue took some time, but the free market and ease of access actually took care of the issue without having to put in place a burdensome oversight net.

2) How do you control use on the job or job impacts - Just like drinking on the job laws, regulations and employee policy and testing will happen and reduce the impacts to a socially acceptable level.

3) Driving impairments - sophisticated tests (just like DUI for drinking) will be developed.

4) Health Issues - Lung cancer is possible. However, with marijuana you do not smoke five packs a day. You inhale very little at any one time and not consistently. So health effects are obviously going to be less...

5) Legalizing Marijuana will not lead to what should we legalize next - cocaine or worse drugs. That is silly. In fact, if the country were going to do itself a favor they would legalize marijuana and make all those antidepressant drugs being doled out daily to American youth and anyone else who wants them illegal...

6) The biggest issue this country has faced is the growth of HEMP. One of the largest obstructions to this has been the Timber and Cotton companies. They have for decades known that if we allow hemp production, their own crops would be at risk. The quick growth, the range of temperature environments and the amount of fiber harvested would have a huge impact on these companies...Hemp production and use would bring the costs of clothing, rope, fiberboard and so many everyday needed items down, it would be good for this country.

It's time for our government let it happen. I am a staunch Republican but also a realist."

Joshua L. took issue with my comment that wine actually tastes good and that perhaps the same cannot be said for marijuana: "Do you realize that cooking food using marijuana butter makes the food taste amazing! I once visited a friend in California and he cook supper. I ate the food and it was some of the best tasting food I've ever had. Only later did I find out it was made with pot butter. I didn't feel any different either. Wine my bring a celebratory feel to it, but at all the college parties I've ever went to during Homecoming or whatever event. Never once did I see the people smoking weed get into a fight or cause problems...As for the stinking up the place, yes for a little bit it does, but obviously a lot of people like the smell.. ?

Tom Angell of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition writes: "I thought you might be interested to know that a group of cops, judges and prosecutors is pushing FOR this bill to pass...we have several California spokespeople available to comment on how legalization will improve public safety by hurting cartels and restricting youth access to marijuana..." ?

Dan S: "Let me say this in the most polite tone possible. Both you and Mr. Wark are in serious need of an education on the subject of cannabis, and its comparability to wine/alcohol in all dimensions. Your article contains several inaccuracies and anecdotal errors. Thus, the result is more public confusion, rather than clarity."

Stephen P.: "California could now become known as dope country and would bring in every deadbeat from around the country to spend their vacation dollars on the herbal brew. This would present a big problem for law enforcement. Auto accident rates would skyrocket along with crime in general. Marijuana could be a Pandora's box with unthinkable consequences that have not been seen since the days of the hippy generation."

Perk: "Many people who have never smoked anything, eat pot...and surely won't be stinking up the place...Why no talk of pairing a robust montepulciano, vaporized primo bud and grilled steak au poivre with asparagus hollandaise?" ?

Kevin Q. quotes me writing "Wine is legal, marijuana is not. That creates a huge perceptual difference in the minds of many people. Wine is good, dope is bad. Otherwise, why would marijuana be illegal?" He then responds: "Come on, Jane, you are really going to even write that when cigarettes are legal? Do at least a little research--and, wasn't slavery once legal? Gambling illegal? And wasn't all liquor illegal under Prohibition? Specious, at best...Each year, a staggering 440,000 people die in the US from tobacco use. Nearly 1 of every 5 deaths is related to smoking. Cigarettes kill more Americans than alcohol, car accidents, suicide, AIDS, homicide, and illegal drugs combined." ?

Gary L. took a look at the poll on whether wine is like pot: "Your poll says 77% to 23% ... forget about running for Gov. Maybe it's time to open your own Medical Marijuana store. That is a lot more fun then trying to find compromises between the Democrats and Republicans."

Remember when I blogged about a Danish tourism campaign promoting easy sex ?  I couldn't figure out what the word "huga" was in the YouTube video.

Peter R. explained all! Apparently the word is "hygge": "It's also a noun to describe a feeling or attitude, and as an adjective to attribute coziness...quite pervasive. Denmark has an interesting culture, which as a second generation American I marvel at. Besides the ad that you saw, an example is that the drinking age is 16 there. A professor of Danish explained to me that kids usually start college later than in the US, often in their early 20s. By letting them drink that early they get their excesses out of their system while they're still under mom and dad's supervision, so by the time they go to University, they are ready to take it seriously. But on the other hand, the Danes are in some ways pretty conservative. They were one of the few NATO countries that sent troops to Iraq (they remember why they don't speak German or Russian). And sub-prime mortgages? Forget about it! If you can't pony up 20% and afford to pay a fixed rate, you don't qualify." ?

From Kevin B: "I am pretty sure this qualifies as 'hotter than Dutch Love'."

Finally, a few more suggestions about my fake run for Governor , all suggesting that I may need to have a sexier campaign to win. Hmmm.

Chuck P. suggested: "Vote for Jane--Put a cougar in our tank!" ?

Edward T's idea: "Fake Jane for Governor! If we can't have a good governor, at least we can have a Hot one that knows how to fake it!" ?

And Mike N. says very nice things, but clearly he doesn't know any women I know. "We need a woman for Governor like Jane Wells...A woman does not need to prove anything to boost her ego like a man does. Women can't be bought out, or sold out. They can stick with a plan better. What are you waiting for Jane? Just do it."

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