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Golden Globes: Celeb Seating, Philanthropy

There were digs at NBC throughout the night at the 67th Golden Globe Awards. Actress Julianna Marguiles gave a big shout out to CBS CEO Les Moonves and CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler, thanking them for "believing in the 10 pm drama." Yup, that was a dig at NBC Universal's head honcho Jeff Zucker and the folks at the network for opting for putting Jay Leno at 10 pm, a move that didn't work out.

Speaking of which, NBC is using plenty of the valuable ad time to promote the new shows which will replace Leno's slot, which include "Parenthood" as well as Seinfeld's new reality show "The Marriage Ref."

I always find it fascinating to see who's sitting together. Who makes the decisions and why? The show tonight has Disney's CEO Bob Iger is sitting with his wife Willow Bay, new studio chief Rich Ross, and Jeff Bridges. The chief at Paramountstudios Brad Grey is seated next to George Clooney, and his table seems to be right in front of Jennier Anniston and Michael Lynton's table. Clooney and Grey are also adjacent to  Paul McCartney, Universal studio chief Ron Meyer, and Julia Roberts. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes is next to Drew Barrymore, Jessica Lange,  and Justin Long.

The winners have been sensitive to the crisis in Haiti, acknowledging it throughout the thank-you speeches. Maggie Gylenhall came on to encourage viewers to give to Haiti before presenting the awards. Meryl Streep emphasized how grateful she is that she's 'able' to help, and the challenge of reconciling the ebullience of the awards and the tragedy in Haiti.

There's almost an awkwardness to the acceptance speeches, a sense that it would be weird for them to be purely blissful. Drew Barrymore talked about how the Hollywood community has taught her to be a good person. And Jason Reitman praised Clooney for his philanthropic work and coming to tonight's event despite the fact that he'd rather be setting up for next week's telethon.

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