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Market Tips: Dollar's Rise Could Trigger Selloff

Global stocks were lower on Wednesday after reports of bank lending restrictions in China, while the euro hit a five-month low against the dollar as concerns about Greece's fiscal problems nagged investors.

Experts told CNBC the dollar's recent rise could trigger a selloff in the near term, but foresee the euro's weakness as being short term.

Asia & EMs Will Lead Growth

The longer-term growth trend is unequivocally stronger in Asia and the emerging world, says Giles Keating, head of research at Credit Suisse. He tells CNBC where this growth can be found.

Economic Growth, Inflation to Lift Commodities

Phil Silverman, managing partner at Kingsview Capital says economic growth and inflation will boost demand for commodities. Gavin Thomas, CEO at Kingsgate Consolidated expects gold to reach $1,500 at some point.

Hot on Commodity Currencies

Kathy Lien, director of currency research at GFT explains why euro-dollar will likely trade in a range while the Aussie will retest its highs of 2009.

Buy Euro-Dollar at Current Levels

Greece's debt troubles are unlikely to contribute to euro weakness going forward, says Magnus Prim, chief strategist, Asia at SEB. In fact, he tells CNBC that the euro-dollar at current levels present a buying opportunity.

Greek Tragedy for the Euro?

The potential debt crisis in Greece will be negative for the euro in the short term, says John Noonan, senior FX analyst at Thomson Reuters. He tells CNBC why these worries are unlikely to last.

Outlook for the Dollar

Adrian Foster, Asia Pacific head of financial markets research at Rabobank, is not too bearish on the dollar at current levels as he believes the U.S. jobs data could begin to show improvement in the next 1-2 months.

Dollar's Rise Could Trigger a Selloff

When the greenback starts rising, that could trigger a selloff in the equity markets, says Hugh Giddy, fund manager at Cannae. He reveals how he is investing to hedge against this.

Look Out for a Rally

Look out for another big market run-up in the near term, says Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN. But things could change come September.

Techs to Outperform in 2010

The technology sector will likely outperform the market in 2010, says King Lip, portfolio manager at Baker Avenue Asset Management. He tells CNBC that he is more concerned about the financial sector.

Obama's Policies Hurt Financials in Long-Term

U.S. President Obama's policies will do more harm than good for financial markets in the long-term, says King Lip, portfolio manager at Baker Avenue Asset Management.

Outlook for the Transportation Sector

The transportation sector is improving slowly but there is still an overhang because of the huge order book, says Wolfgang Driese, CEO & chairman at DVB Bank. He shares his insights into this sector.

Singapore Real Estate Attractive

Things are looking up for Singapore's property sector, says Chua Chor Hoon, senior director and head of SEA research at DTZ, as more foreign buyers are coming in.

HK Property Stocks — A Safe Bet?

Hong Kong's property stocks will be more resilient than mainland ones, says Alex Wong, director of asset management at Ample Capital.