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Fast Money's 'Correction Protection' Plan

With chatter of a correction growing louder and louder, how can you still profit and protect? The Fast Money gang has a few ideas.

#1: Correction Protection: Regional Banks

Pete Najarian suggests looking at BB&T due to bullish options action. An unusual amount of BB&T Feb 30 call volume leads him to believe the stock could make a sharp move higher.

I think the short trade might be interesting, counters Guy Adami. Regional banks have problems aside from new government restrictions.

For the short term I think there’s more upside in regional banks, counters Jon Najarian - Pete's brother. I also think that takeovers in the space may be off the table now that the White House is telegraphing that bigger is not better in this space.

Correction Protection Plan

#2 Correction Protection: Tech Storage

Guy Adami recommends putting Western Digital on your radar. They 'crushed it' on earnings, says the Negotiator. However, in the after hours I don’t like the way it’s trading. I think it’s setting up for a little pullback, but on a dip I’m a buyer.

Or put Seagate on your radar, adds Pete Najarian. It’s also a buy on any pullback.

#3 Correction Protection: Cheap Funding Beneficiaries

I'm watching companies that are cash rich, says Karen Finerman. Names like Oracle, IBM, and Johnson & Johnson may make acquistions. It's a good way to use their cash.

I agree that tech and pharma are two sectors that should see more M&A, echoes Pete Najarian.

I like JNJ to hideout, adds Guy Adami.

I'm bullish on Glaxo, adds Tim Seymour.

Cheap Money

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