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Market Tips: Growth Too Weak to Undo 09's Damage

Global stocks dipped on Friday, with financials stocks getting hit after President Obama proposed sweeping restrictions on banks. Experts told CNBC how to invest while the global economy slowly recovers.

Global Growth Too Weak to Undo 2009's Damage

Global growth, by far, is not strong enough to undo the damage that was done in 2009, says Hans Timmer, director of development prospects group at the World Bank.

How to Invest in Asia in 2010

The growth remains in Asia, says Wilfred Sit, CIO at Mirae Asset Global Investments. He reveals his top country and sector picks for 2010.

Another Lost Decade Ahead?

The last decade was a lost decade for Western stocks, notes Andreas Hoefert, chief economist & global head of wealth mgmt research for UBS. However, he tells CNBC that this trend is unlikely to repeat itself in the next decade.

Outlook for Dollar Good in 2010

The dollar was unfairly punished last year but will do better as 2010 progresses, says Nick Bennenbroek, head of currency strategy at Wells Fargo, New York.

Future of the Dollar

Rob Rennie, currency strategist at Westpac, is long dollar, but Andreas Hoefert, chief economist & global head of wealth mgmt research for UBS, sees it weakening over the next decade. They offer their differing opinions.

In Favor of Aussie Dollar

The Aussie dollar at current levels presents a buying opportunity, says Rob Rennie, currency strategist from Westpac Bank Australia. He explains his upbeat outlook on the currency.

Commodities Market Could Correct in 2010

There is a risk of a deeper correction in the commodities market in 2010, warns Rachel Ziemba, senior analyst at Roubini Global Economics. She tells CNBC what will trigger this correction.

Buy on Gold Dips

The dip in gold is a great buying opportunity, says John Licata, chief investment strategist at Blue Phoenix.

Making Money By Going Green

There are a lot of investment opportunities in the solar sector, says Philippe De Weck, senior investment manager at Pictet Asset Management.

Commercial Realty Not Bottomed Out

Commercial real estate markets have not bottomed out, according to Chang Yu-Dee, principal and chief advisor at ACE Investment Strategists.