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5 Strategies for Bernanke's New Era

Cramer thought today would be a continuation of last week's bloodletting. Instead, there was a rally with a 24-point move in the Dow and a small gain in the S&P 500. Why did this unexpected turn of events happen?

Cramer said Ben Bernanke’s confirmation as Chairman of the Federal Reserve was possibly put to bed when a couple of Senators spoke up for the embattled Fed Chief. What occurred in Washington was obviously much more powerful than the earnings' reports coming in from Wall Street, even with most single sectors reporting good quarters. Cramer pointed out lessons for investors, including when everyone thinks the world is coming to an end, it tends not to. Also, a nixing of Ben Bernanke would have caused at least a thousand-point decline. 

Bernanke Bounce?

Cramer reiterated how important it is to return to Mad Money's 2010 Biggest Investing Themes and go over them with an eye toward what investors should be doing in this environment.

First, investors should have up to 20% overseas in foreign stocks. Cramer is changing that to 25% tonight because once a country's politicians turn on the most respected central banker in the world, it is less safe to invest. Investors should think about Brazil, Chile, Canada and Australia.

Second, is gold. Cramer recommends SPDR Gold Shares, and at $107 down from $119, he thinks the correction has almost run its course.

Third, is the mobile Internet tsunami. Cramer said Apple is at the heart of a revolution in how the world gets its information, its communication and its entertainment. He also thinks APPL cannot be contained by any slowdown that might come from the new found populism in Washington.

Fourth, is counter-terrorism. Cramer recommends FLRI Systems and ArcSight. He thinks the administration will turn on these companies last.

Finally, a company worth looking for a possible orientd oil paly is Schlumberger . SLB reported an excellent quarter last Friday, and it does not have as much U.S. exposure as many others.

The bottom line: Cramer said investors should use the momentary rally to try to immunize themselves from Washington's next assault on business.

Cramer's charitable trust owns Apple.

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