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Buzz on Apple Ahead of Tablet Debut

Tech insiders discussed Apple ahead of the highly anticipated debut of the tablet tomorrow.

Apple Earnings, Sales Jump

Inside Tablet's Competition

“People were speculating last fall that this was sort of going to be Apple’s answer to the Netbook. But this is not going to be the Netbook, because obviously, this is going to be more fully featured, and obviously as we said, it delves more into the area of media. If there’s anyone out there with the form factor of tablet PCs who should feel threatened by this is Amazon with the Kindle… What Apple is going to bring do the table when they come out with a product on Wednesday, is going to be so much more.”

-David Garrity, GVA Research principal

Buzz on Apple's Tablet

Tablet's Potential Impact on Apple

“[The tablet] is not in our numbers at this point… If you can tell me what’s in it and what it’s going to cost, then I will put in my numbers. We certainly have ideas and we’ve run scenario analyses, I think, based on what we think is in it. If they do 5 million units in a year, it’s going to add a buck to EPS.”

-Andy Hargreaves, Pacific Crest Securities